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Front Pack

Front Pack


RIBZ front pack is made with Cordura water resistant ripstop nylon. The front pack weighs approx. 11 oz. All components are water resistant and have proven durability in the most extreme conditions. With an average storage capacity between 500 and 700 cubic inches, you can comfortably relocate your desired items in your front pack. Using a front pack repositions a portion of your pack weight forward which reduces your overall shoulder stress and  increases comfort, mobility, and balance. Better weight distribution creates an illusion of carrying a lighter load. Though the RIBZ front pack was designed primarily with backpacking intentions, any outdoor activity where fast access of gear is critical, this is where the design proves itself. RIBZ front pack can be used as stand alone pack if you ditch your backpack but the primary design is to add increased function when wearing a standard pack.

The RIBZ front pack was designed with many sports and activities in mind. Upon receipt of your RIBZ it is smart to first adjust the shoulder straps so they fit high above the waist line and low enough to fit comfortable under your arms. Basically fitted right around your ribcage. It is also a good idea to load your pack with the items for your activity before adjusting the back straps to desired fitting. RIBZ can be adjusted to fit snug for high intensity activities or loosely for when casual. For the serious ultralight backpacking enthusiast, try moving a few pounds off your back into your RIBZ for better weight distribution and comfort. For best results cleaning your RIBZ we recommend hand washing and air drying. RIBZ are capable of being machine washed on gentle cycle though this approach is not favored.

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