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The RIBZ front pack was first created in the late 90’s by a group of backcountry mountaineers from San Diego, CA. Testing the quality of our equipment and the absolute limits of how far we could go is what we still do today. As with many gear fanatics, constant evaluation of equipment and what will streamline the outdoor experience is where we like to focus.

Carrying a lighter pack load is often the most obvious solution but for long, extended trips it can be very difficult to cut back on too many of the essential components for a safe trip. Constantly going back and forth to a backpack everytime you need something can be a hassle. Why not have easier access to some of your frequently used items where you can get at them? 


After many years of testing different prototypes and designs, the RIBZ front pack was born. A front pack that could assist adventurists by allowing them to reap the benefits of getting at their gear with ease. The RIBZ front pack patented design can be worn with any hydration pack, any day pack, any large pack, or any available backpack ever created. It also makes for a great pack all by itself. The ability to remove a backpack and still have your most vital and essential items in a fast and easy to access on you at all times is what makes the front pack an essential component all on its own.

George Marks front pack

Integral in the front pack original design was Sierra Designs original co-founder, George Marks. George has a long history in delivering some of the most convenient, cutting-edge, and practical outdoor gear to the world of adventure enthusiasts. He is most notably recognized for his founding principles in  Sierra Designs and his innovations in tent technology, but George holds an extensive list of many products we continue to use to this day.  We hope our front-pack design gives you increased comfort, mobility and function on all your future adventures.  Let us know where you’re headed with yourz.

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