Emergency Survival Gear Checklist

Ribz front pack holds your emergency survival gear.

A RIBZ pack is an awesome storage solution for a survival kit. Put together a kit which includes basic urban and wilderness survival gear, and if/when the time comes when you have to evacuate at a moments notice, you’ll be prepared for the worst in no time. We have compiled a list of survival gear which will neatly fit inside your RIBZ. Please note, this list is generic, and does not include special needs you may have such as prescription drugs, eyeglasses etc. You’ll need to customize your survival gear kit to suit your specific needs.

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emergency survival gear whistleHigh shrill whistle
There is nothing like a whistle if you want to attract attention. Three short blasts is a recognized distress signal. Whistles at REI.com

A compass can help you find your bearings, and navigate if you are lost. Compasses at REI.com

Waterproof matches with tinder
It is a good idea to have matches in addition to a lighter or other fire source. Fires can keep you warm, and be used as a signaling method. Matches at REI.com

Several 12″ x 24″ sheets of aluminum foil
Use as a signal reflector, or to aid in cooking.

Heavy-duty plastic zipper bags 
These can be used to store food, keep clothes dry, and even store water in a pinch.

emergency blanket survival gearEmergency Blanket
These reflective blankets are good for emergency warmth, shelter, or signaling. Emergency blankets at REI.com

Bandanas have many uses, including filtering dirty water, as a sling, headwear, or facemask. A bright color is recommended so it can also function as a signaling device. Bandanas at REI.com

Bouillon cubes, salt & pepper, tea
These basic food items can make a tasty broth, tea, or spice up a meal.

emergency survival gear flashlightFlashlight 
A compact or self generating flashlight is a critical component of any survival kit. If your flashlight is battery powered, include an additional set of fresh batteries. Flashlights at REI.com

Swiss Army style knife or multi-tool 
These multifunctional tools are extremely handy. In addition to the knife and pliers, the many smaller tools will come in handy during many emergencies. Multi-tools at REI.com

Wire saw
Good for cutting up tinder for fires and for building crude shelters. Saws at REI.com

Hard candy and/or high energy bars
Calorie-packed foods provide sustenance and the act of eating provides peace of mind. Energy bars at REI.com

Heavy-duty cord
Useful in holding together crude shelters, for making repairs, and for making snares. Nylon cord at REI.com

iodine water purification tabletsWater purification tablets
Having potable water is invaluable. These tablets will ensure you can make drinkable water out of otherwise non-drinkable water. You can use your bandana as a crude filter to remove particulates from the water first.Lightweight water purification at REI.com

Small fishing kit
Keeping hooks, lines, lures and snares with you will allow you to catch fish in case you run short on food.

Signal mirror
Another signaling device – works very well to reflect sunlight. Signal mirrors at REI.com

Thread and needle, or a sewing kit
Provides a means to patch torn clothing or sew smaller pieces of fabric together for larger signaling devices or for shelter. In an extreme emergency, can be used to suture wounds. Sewing kit at REI.com

Insect repellent
Use for personal comfort. Insect repellent at REI.com

Lip balm
Use for personal comfort. Lip balm at REI.com

sunblock emergency survival gear checklistSmall bottle of high SPF sunscreen
The sun’s can leave you with blistering burns, especially if you don’t have suitable shelter and even during the winter. High SPF (40+) can help protect you from this. Sunblock at REI.com

A map of the local terrain
If possible, having a map of the local terrain, especially one that includes nearby cities, is extremely helpful in finding your way to safety. Use with your good quality compass to navigate to the nearest town or shelter.Maps at REI.com

Small first aid kit
Bandages, antiseptic, pain-relievers, snake-bite kit, etc. It’s a good idea to suit your first aid kit to your personal needs and the expectations of your upcoming adventure. First aid kits at REI.com

Pocket hand warmers
In the extreme cold, pocket hand warmers can help stave off hypothermia. In the minor cold, they can certainly add to your personal comfort. Hand warmers at REI.com

Survival guide or notes
Keep a survival guide or set of notes with you to remind you of what to do and what not to do during an emergency. Tom Browns survival books are unbeatable.



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