Backpacking Gear List

Ribz Backpacking and Hiking Gear List

Print out our backpacking and hiking gear list.

Before heading out on and outdoor adventure, your gear list must be compiled. Having a complete backpack gear list will help you keep your backpack organized, ensure that you don’t forget anything important, and help you get out the door more quickly.

The list will vary with the seasons, as well as with your backpacking strategy. An ultralight backpacker may leave behind a tent, in favor of a nylon tarp which can function as both rain-wear, and shelter. Below is a list to help you get started.

Ten Outdoor Gear Essentials

These items may be repeated in the standard gear list, but they are worth mentioning separately. These ten items should be present on every backpacking trip, including day hikes.

  1. Map
  2. Compass
  3. Flashlight / Headlamp (dont’ forget extra batteries!)
  4. Extra Food (enough for at least one extra day))
  5. Extra Clothes
  6. Rain Gear (Even if it is sunny!)
  7. First-Aid Kit (Include any medications you may need)
  8. Pocket Knife
  9. Waterproof Matches
  10. Firestarter (parafin candles or chemical starters are good)

Ultralight Backpacking Gear List

Use this as your base gear list. Check out the seasonal gear lists for spring/fallsummer, and winter for additional gear suggestions.

Ultralight Backpack Clothing List

Additional Backpacking Gear List for Spring/Fall


Additional Backpacking Gear List for Summer

Additional Backpacking Gear List for Winter


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